15 Mar

Bollywood has given some of the best beauties of all time to the country. They have ruled the Indian movie industry for decades. Some have left their mark and have become immortal in the memory of the Indian movie fans. Here is a list of such few actresses who have made great contribution and are remembered and will be remembered for a long time to come.

  1. Waheeda Rehman – One of the most beautiful and talented actress the industry have ever seen, she gave some of the most memorable movies like “Guide”, “Pyaasa”, “Kaagaz Ke Phool” and many more. The highly popular actress was also a very talented one who effortlessly played a wide range of roles in different movies.
  2. Nargis – Another one of the beauty brigade of Bollywood, she acted in memorable films like “Barsaat”, “Shree 420”, “Mother India”. Her acting in “Mother India” was appreciated by many and is still remembered as one of the best acting ever done.
  3. Meena Kumari – The greatly versatile actress who played a wide variety of role is also one of the most beautiful actresses of Bollywood. Her films “Saheb Bibi aur Ghulam”, “Kaajal”, “Pakeezah” are worth mentioning where she did some commendable job.
  4. Sridevi – Arguably the most beautiful actress who have set foot in the Bollywood industry till date, she is a fantastic actress having enacted a wide variety of roles which is proof of her versatility. The latest film “English Vinglish” was also a great success and is a proof of her ability to retain her acting capability even till this date.
  5. Rekha – One of the most controversial as well as probably one of the most beautiful actress of all time, she did a huge number of movies with a large number of actors and have played almost every possible kind of role. The highly popular and beautiful actress has not been seen in any movie lately after her role in “Krrish”, the sequel to “Koi Mil Gaya”.
  6. Hema Malini – The beautiful and charming actress turned MP still is seen in a few movies. She was the heartthrob of many during her initial days and her role as Basanti in “Sholay” is remembered till this date.
  7. Shabana Azmi – Though might not be counted among the best looking actresses of Bollywood, Shabana Azmi have proved her talent as an actress many times in various movies. She has been one of the most non-contemporary actress the industry has ever seen.

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