22 Mar

Tom Cruise is arguably one of the hottest stars of Hollywood. Over the years his movies have been greatly appreciated both for the quality of the movie itself, his acting ability and of course his super sexy looks which have bowled over millions of female fans. For all those Tom Cruise fans, here is a list of some of the best movies of Tom Cruise ever made. You can definite sit down and watch in awe the superstar in action.

Mission Impossible

Mission Impossible series
Right from the beginning with the “Mission Impossible” till recently released “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol”, every movie under this franchisee have made huge Box Office business. Each movie with a new story of a group of undercover super agents, including Tom Cruise who plays Ethan Hunt, these movies are great to watch.

A cab driver suddenly discovers that the person he has been ferrying around is a contract killer and his next target might be someone really very close. That’s what Collateral is all about. An engaging story with a great ending makes it a treat to watch.

War Of The World
Another alien attack and again the earth is held hostage while that one family fights for survival. While most might reject the movie right away, I would like to say this Steven Spielberg movie is worth given a try. There is much more to it than running and killing aliens.

Minority Report
Another Spielberg masterpiece starring Tom Cruise. The story is about a squad of future crime controller where Tom Cruise himself, the leader of a squad, is suspected of a future murder. The concept is completely off-beat, as expected of a Spielberg movie.

Born On The Fourth Of July
Based on a true incident, this Tom Cruise starrer is an anti-war movie. The movie tells the story of a soldier and is worth a shot.

A Few Good Men
Tom Cruise plays a lawyer in the movie and defends a marine family which is accused of murder. This intense drama is hard to miss.

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