8 Apr

Hollywood has seen many remarkable actresses over the years. But there are a few who deserve mentioning and have created a niche for themselves and have etched their names for time immemorial. Here are the names of a few top actresses of Hollywood of all time.

Meryl Streep
Meryl Streep is considered to be one of the best actresses of all time and the best actress living by many movie critics and reviewers. She has got an astounding number of nominations of 17 times in the Academy Awards out of which she got the award 3 times. She is known as a perfectionist and it reflected when she prepared for the roles as well as in her acting. Her first film Julia (1977) set her career on the perfect track with an outstanding performance in the movie. Her other well known performances were in The Deer Hunter (1978), Kramer vs Kramer (1979), Sophie’s Choice (1982), all of which won her an Oscar each.

Audrey Hepburn
the daughter of a wealthy English banker and a Dutch Baroness, she was the blue blood in Hollywood. She all through her career she enacted the roles of frail adolescent. Between her first movie Roman Holiday (1953) and her last, Always (1989), she gave numerous popular hits like Funny Face (1957), The Nun’s Story (1959), Breakfast At Tiffany’s (1961) and many more. She has been admired by many and is still arguably one of the most adorable actresses of Hollywood.

Kate Winslet
One of the most beautiful lady Hollywood has ever seen, she has given numerous hits over the years and the record of being the youngest actress being nominated for two academy awards speak of her acting capabilities. During her career she gave many wonderful performances which were appreciated by many. Her first break Heavenly Creatures (1994) portrayed her as an obsessive young girl and her acting was greatly acclaimed by the critics. Her role as Rose in Titanic (1997) gave her career a new boost and made her immensely popular.

Nicole Kidman
The elegant actress of Hollywood is well known for both her acting skills and unearthly beauty. Starting off her career with Bush Christmas (1983) at the age of 16 after leaving high school, she went on to give hits like BMX Bandits (1983), Vietnam (1987), Days of Thunder (1990), To Die For (1995), and many more during her star studded career.


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