16 Apr

Akshay Khanna, son of the Bollywood actor Vinod Khanna, did not have a very smooth start. In the earlier part of his career he appeared in a lot of movies that didn’t go well in the box office. In his later films he showed his ability as an actor and also achieved quite a few awards for his various performances. Here is a list of a few of his best movies.

Border (1997)
This movie was base on the Indo – Pak war of 1971 and was a massive hit in the box office. The movie featured a lot many other stars beside Akshay Khanna. In the movie Akshay Khanna’s acting was greatly appreciated and gave his career a great boost.

Taal (1999)
The movie was a great hit both among the audience and the critics. Akshay Khanna’s acting capability got recognition in the movie which also featured Aishwarya Rai. It was also very successful overseas.

Dil Chahta Hain (2001)
The movie became a cult of 21st century. Akshay Khanna starred in the movie beside Aamir Khan and Saif Ali Khan. The movie proved to be a turning point in his career as well as of Saif Ali Khan. Akshay Khanna’s acting in the movie was greatly applauded by the audience as well as the critics. This movie went on to become a huge blockbuster.

Humraaz (2002)
The movie portrayed Akshay Khanna in a negative character which he performed greatly. This thriller movie was one of the best movies featuring Akshay Khanna.

Hungama (2002)
This comedy movie by Priyadarshan launched Akshay Khanna as a comedy star and became a great hit. The hilarious movie showed the versatility of the actor beng able to portray every kind of roles.

Gandhi: My Father (2007)
The movie based on Mahatma Gandhi was hugely applauded by the critics. Though this didn’t do too good in the box office, but Akshay Khanna’s acting was really marvelous.

Race (2008)
The film became one of the highest grosser in the industry and Akshay Khanna’s role in the negative character was lauded by all and also fetched awards.

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