23 May

It is said that there is a child sleeping within each and every one of us which comes out in front of the person we are most comfortable with. Watching an animated movie with our best friends proves the point. Though there are people who would say that animated movies are baseless and are meant for children only, but the fact is they are equally loved by most of the adults which can be confirmed by the huge success of various animated movies, even in the recent years.

Here is a list of some of the best animated movies that came out till date:

  1. Wall – E: Pixar’s masterstroke! That’s what this movie is. The small little lonely Wall – E won the hearts of thousands across the world. His simple desire to be with someone else and hold hands brought tears to the eyes of many. One of the best love stories ever created, most would say after watching the movie.
  2. Up – It was the second animated movie, ever, that received a Best Movie nomination for the Academy Award. This pretty much says all about the movie. The undying love that is signified here tugs at all the heartstrings.
  3. Finding Nemo – The adventure of a small fish and his father’s quest of getting him back. Essentially a father son bonding story told in a lovely way.
  4. How To Train Your Dragon – It tells us about the way human fear anything unknown and how at times the simple heart of a child can see the thing that we cannot. A beautiful tale of bonging, friendship, love, trust and everything relationships are made of.
  5. The Lion King – One of Disney’s oldest series which has got deep moral values integrated within the story.
  6. Ratatouille – Another masterpiece from Pixar. One of the most unusual storyline, and yet was right on target.
  7. Monsters Inc. – Monsters are meant to scare children, and supposedly that’s how their city gets power. But what if one falls in love with a little child?
  8. Alladin – it was hard to resist not mentioning this. There are not too many Alladin movies and the one which got most popularity was a series, but one of the most loved ones.
  9. Pinocchio – One of Disney’s oldest creations, this is a beautiful tale that is very well known to almost all.
  10. Dumbo – Never let those who ridicule you stop you from achieving to your fullest. That’s what Dumbo, the lovely baby elephant teaches us.

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