Movies of Saif Ali Khan

3 Jun

The Hindi film Industry of India is known as Bollywood. This is actually based in Mumbai (Bombay). Bollywood term has came from two words first from Bombay and then from Hollywood. Bollywood films are very popular among Indians. The industry has most talented directors, actors, actresses who are really world famous. Without them Bollywood cannot be such platformfor hindi cinemas. Amitabh Bachhan , Amir khan , Shah Rukh Khan , Salman Khan and many more. Saif ali Khan is also a very famous name among Bollywood film lovers.

Saif Ali Khan

Saif ali khan

Saif ali khan

Saif Ali khan is the son of a former Indian cricket as well as captain, Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi. They also belong from a Nawab family. Mansoor ali Khan Pataudi was the ninth nawab of Pataudi. After his father death now he is the tenth Nawab of pataudi. Saif Ali Khan’s mother is also a renowned actress Sharmila Tagore who belongs from The Royal Tagore family. Saif Ali Khan has two younger sisters, Saba Ali Khan and Soha Ali Khan . He completed his studies In United Kingdom.

He started his carrier with the film Ashiq Awara and also won Filmfare Best Male Debut Award .His first major hit film was Yeh Dillagi. Kajol and Akshay Kumar were his co actors in this film. But after that a lot of his films did not do well on Box office only other than multi starred movies like – Main Khiladi Tu Anari ,Imtihaan , Kachche Dhaage and Hum Saath-Saath Hain: We Stand United. But he did well in Kya kehna with Co actor Prity Zinta.

His acting carrier was not so much good until he acted in Farhan Akhtar’s Dil Chahta Hai with Amir Khan and Akshay Khanna.After that he has given a lot of hit movies like – Kal Ho Na ho , Hum Tum , Parineeta , Salam Namaste , Omkara , Eklavya , Race, and his outstanding Movies Kurban. Aarakshan. His last releases were Cocktail and race 2.

Khan, first wife was actress Amrita sing. After 13 years of marriage they got divorced and recently he got married with gorgeous diva Kareena kapoor.

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Achievements of Kalki Koechlin

30 May

The Indian Hindi film industry is famous as “Bollywood”. This industry is typically based on Mumbai. This Bollywood term has came from Bombay-previous name of Mumbai and Hollywood. This industry has given remarkable films, talented actor/ actress. Bollywood films are very popular among Indian masses. This is the biggest production centre of film world. A lot of rich and popular production houses are here. Not only the production part this industry has a number of good directors, actors, actresses, musicians, editors, choreographers; People are really loves to watch hindi movies where their favorite actors/actresses are acting in different characters. Bollywood are also famous for its story-line. Indian directors always try to give a proper story line to each film. Also the bollywood actors are so much talented that they have played a vital role to create “THE BOLLYWOOD”. Amitabh Bachhan ,Sahrukh Khan, Amir Khan , Salman Khan , Rekha , Madhuri Dixit , Sridevi are the legends of hindi film industry. Actually they have turned the Hindi film industry to Bollywood.

Kalki Koechlin

Kalki Koechlin

Today’s young talented actors/ actresses are also playing an important role in Bollywood. Kalki Koechlin is one of the most popular talented actresses in these days. Kalki’s father came in India from France and got married to her mom. They settled in a village near ooty.  After Kalki’s childhood she decided to start her carrier as an actress, so that she came to Mumbai.  Her first film was Dev D that was based on Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay’s Devdas where she played the role of Chandramukhi. She did very well in her first film. After that she acted in Zindegi na milegi dobara , Shaitan , Ek thi Dayan , The Girl in Yellow boots and Happy journey. She has already won award for her acting. Recently she got married with one of the most popular director-producer Anurag Kashyap. Apart from film she is also interested in writing. She has helped her husband to write few scripts.

She was awarded with The Hindu Metro Plus Playwright Award. She won the Film fare Award for Best Supporting Actress for her performance in her first movie Dev D.

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23 May

It is said that there is a child sleeping within each and every one of us which comes out in front of the person we are most comfortable with. Watching an animated movie with our best friends proves the point. Though there are people who would say that animated movies are baseless and are meant for children only, but the fact is they are equally loved by most of the adults which can be confirmed by the huge success of various animated movies, even in the recent years.

Here is a list of some of the best animated movies that came out till date:

  1. Wall – E: Pixar’s masterstroke! That’s what this movie is. The small little lonely Wall – E won the hearts of thousands across the world. His simple desire to be with someone else and hold hands brought tears to the eyes of many. One of the best love stories ever created, most would say after watching the movie.
  2. Up – It was the second animated movie, ever, that received a Best Movie nomination for the Academy Award. This pretty much says all about the movie. The undying love that is signified here tugs at all the heartstrings.
  3. Finding Nemo – The adventure of a small fish and his father’s quest of getting him back. Essentially a father son bonding story told in a lovely way.
  4. How To Train Your Dragon – It tells us about the way human fear anything unknown and how at times the simple heart of a child can see the thing that we cannot. A beautiful tale of bonging, friendship, love, trust and everything relationships are made of.
  5. The Lion King – One of Disney’s oldest series which has got deep moral values integrated within the story.
  6. Ratatouille – Another masterpiece from Pixar. One of the most unusual storyline, and yet was right on target.
  7. Monsters Inc. – Monsters are meant to scare children, and supposedly that’s how their city gets power. But what if one falls in love with a little child?
  8. Alladin – it was hard to resist not mentioning this. There are not too many Alladin movies and the one which got most popularity was a series, but one of the most loved ones.
  9. Pinocchio – One of Disney’s oldest creations, this is a beautiful tale that is very well known to almost all.
  10. Dumbo – Never let those who ridicule you stop you from achieving to your fullest. That’s what Dumbo, the lovely baby elephant teaches us.

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9 May

Horror movies have always caught the fantasy of millions. From the success of the various horror movies over the decades, it can be assumed that we love getting scared. That heart thumping and adrenaline rush is something one craves for while watching any horror movie. Ghosts being a mystery till date have also fuelled the making of numerous horror movies. Here is a list of the best horror movies you should check out if you are a lover of the genre.

The Descent (2005)
The movie is about an adventure going horribly wrong and six friends finding themselves in a cave, that is actually the gateway to hell. The viewers are kept on the edge of their seat as they try to figure out how any one of them, if at all, is going to escape the hell hole, alive.

Saw (2004)
The original of the series of the movies was one of the first movies that pictured the gore visuals of cutting limbs and other parts and the splattering of the blood in such detailed manner. The Saw series of movies have been a rage which shows people helplessly bound to some grotesque machine that will tear them off if they do not perform something even more horrible.

Let The Right One In (2008)
One of the rarest of horror movies that will both touch your heart and will at the same time terrify you. The love story between a vampire and a haunted mortal will disturb and terrify you in more than one way.

Inside (2007)
One of the most terrifying movies that reminds you once more why you were told not to talk to strangers. Having one of the most horrifying birth scenes, this definitely is a rare horror movie.

Grudge (2004)
The movie is about a house and how the spirits within torments those they come in contact with. No blood splattering yet chilling.

The Ring (2002)
This along with a sequel completes the ring. It is one of those rare horror movies, which managed to run a chill through the spine of the viewers without showing any blood.

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3 May

There is hardly a soul who never read or liked a romantic novel. But if you are one of those who just love reading romantic novels and a diehard fan of anything connected to romance, here is a list of the top romantic novels of all time.

  1. Nobody’s Baby But Mine by Susan Elizabeth Philips
    What happens when a girl decide to have a child but not a husband and finds someone stupid enough to get her mission accomplished, and when that person finally understands? Well this humorous novel is a story based on this.
  2. The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks
    A fantastic tale of love immortal. A heart touching tale of the love shared by two people for who time didn’t matter and they never gave up on each other.
  3. A Walk To Remember by Nicholas Sparks
    The fantastic novel is a tale of love between two most unlikely person. It is a heartwarming tale that will make you laugh and cry.
  4. Dear John by Nicholas Sparks
    The novel tells the tale of love between two couples one of whom had to go to the battle. It contains all the flavor of a great novel.
  5. Till My Last Breath by Durjoy Dutta
    What will you do if you know you are going to die eventually? The novel will make you fall in love with each and every character and will tell you why life is so precious. You should definitely not miss this one.
  6. P.S. I Love You by Cecelia Ahern
    One of the most popular among all romantic novels, the story starts from a point where we find one of the main character dead. It is the story of how the letters left the person helps his wife to get back and again enjoy life.
  7. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
    Probably read by thousands, this still features among the best ones ever written. There is nothing to introduce about this novel, one simply has to read it and enjoy.

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Best movies of Dharmendra

16 Apr

Celebrate the Legend of Dharamendra through Some of His Best-Known Movies

Bollywood’s first ever, He-man and the most handsome actor at the peak of his career, Dharamendra scored big among the 5 most attractive men worldwide. Throughout his career, he did a myriad of roles, starting from the candid professor in Chupke Chupke to the macho man Raka in Sita Aur Gita. This actor has offered so much variety for his fans that very few other actors have done.

Chupke Chupke is one of the movies, where the actor gave his best shot and came up with the role of the romantic yet mischievous professor Tripathi who roped the unique story of Pyare Mohan Allahabaadi. Hardly doing any fighting scenes in this movie Dharamendra gave his best shots in comedy and made people laugh until the end of the movie. The pranks of Dr. Tripathi played on his in-laws, have continued to make people laugh of every age group until date. The perfect ingredient for romance and comedy, this movie was a sure hit at the box office.

On the contrary, the role of the romantic artist, in Anupama, gave his fans a different taste to savor. Never overreacting and displaying a serene self, Dharamendra proved his mettle aptly as an actor. Sholay is another movie that brewed perfectly with the ingredients of romance, drama, comedy and action off course. Dharamendra with Hema Malini and Amitabh Bachchan formed the perfect recipe to a box office hit that has continued to attract large number of viewers untill now. In Sholay, one gets to see Dharamendra (Veeru) in the role a super candid friend to Amitabh Bachchan (Jai), and the perfect lover to Hema Malini (Basanti) while emerging as the revengeful hero against the villain at the end to avenge the death of his best buddy Jai. Sholay was probably one movie that gave Dharamendra’s image, the extra edge as the action specialist, romantic hero and an actor in entirety.

Yaadon ki Baaraat staged on the life of three estranged brothers shows Dharamendra playing the elder brother who grows up to become a gangster who aims solely to avenge the death of their parents by the murderous gangster Shakaal. Shankar, played by Dharamendra, and his two brothers lost their parents to Shakaal as their father had witnessed a robbery done by Shakaal and his men. To safeguard his identity, Shakaal hired men to kill the family. However, one of the men had mercy on the boys and let them go. With no co-star opposite to him, Dharamendra managed to hold the ground strongly all by himself and showed the industry and the film fraternity that he is the true superhero of Bollywood.

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16 Apr

In an Indian wedding there is always the relatives and guests and along with that lots of music, dance and drama. These are the essentials of any Indian wedding without which the wedding can ever be complete. Right from the beginning till the end of it, there is enormous amount of fun and music, and along with these, the dance moves of the young and the old. The Sangeet is one of the most important parts in this entire galaxy of events. It is a ceremony that is dedicated completely to music and dance. Thus to make the event memorable, one must choose some really great music which will electrify the guests present over there. Here is a list of some of the best songs for a Sangeet ceremony.

Chammak Challo (Ra One)
The immensely popular number from the SRK movie Ra One is a great song for the occasion. It will surely set the mood of the crowd. Do remember to get some moves from the video of the song.

Gal Meethi Meethi Bol (Aisha)
This foot tapping number from the movie Aisha is surely going to make those present in the occasion hit the dance floor. The contagious music will make them move to the beats of the song.

Sasural Genda Phool (Delhi 6)
Another great score from the movie Delhi 6. It not only has the right mood and beats but is also great for the occasion as it tells the bride what to expect at her would be in-laws’ place. The Rajasthani music is definitely a mood setter.

Maahi Ve (Kal Ho Na Ho)
This classic from the movie Kal Ho Na Ho talks about the beauty of the bride and is best suited for the occasion. The foot tapping music as well as the melodious singing will be loved by all.

Tenu Leke Main Jawanga (Salaam-e-Ishq)
The very colorful and very popular number from Salaam-e-Ishq showing Salman as the groom singing his intentions of taking the bride away is a great musical for the ceremony.

Sadi Gali (Tanu Weds Manu)
This crazy number is both fun and peppy. It is surely one of the best foot-tapping numbers around.

Mehendi Lagake Rakhna (Dilwale Dulhania Le Jaenge)
This old but gold song of Bollywood is still the favorite of many for Sangeet and marriage occasions.

There are many more songs which are great for sangeet, but do remember that a playlist can be best only when the songs are arranged properly depending upon the moods.

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