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Top 10 Bollywood Movies directed by Prakash Jha

6 Aug

Born 27th January 1952 is an Indian film producer-director-scriptwriter. He is best known for his socio-political movies such as Gangajal(2003), Rajneeti(2010), Apaharan(2005). He has also won the National Film Award for documentaries such as Faces After the Storm(1984) and Sonal(2002).

Top 10 movies of Prakash Jha according to me are

  • Gangajaal
  • Apaharan
  • Rajneeti
  • Death sentence
  • Aarakshan
  • Tribal Festival
  • Parinati
  • Chakravyuh
  • Dil Kya Kare
  • Damul

Gangajaal is a movie where the plot lies in the blinding incident of Bhagalpur. This movie received the National Film Award for the best film on social issues in 2004 and it also won the Film-fare best background score award by Wayne Sharp.

Apaharan is a 2005 Hindi movie released on 2nd December 2005. The plot lies on the complex relationship and clashing ideologies between a father and a son set in the backdrop of the kidnapping industry in the eastern state of Bihar, India.

Rajneeti is a 2008 Bollywood multistar cast Hindi movie directed by Prakash Jha better known as a political thriller.The film draws parallel to the epic Mhabharata where the charecters in the movie has shades of Krishna, Arjun, Bheema, Duryodhona and karna. It also contains elements of the classical novel ‘The Godfather” written by Mario Puzo.

Death sentence (mrityudand) is a movie released in 1997 focuses on social problems which plagues his native state Bihar and this movie too straddles between art and commercial movie. Mrityudand was invited for the gala premiere at BFL London film festival.

Aarakshan is a soci political film based on the controversial policy of caste based reservations in Indian government jobs and educational institutions.

Parinati is a movie released on1989 is based on a folk tale.

Chakrabyuh is a political thriller aimed to be a social documentary on the naxalites.

Dil Kya Kare in a 1999 film which was acclaimed critically.

Damul is a 1985 movie based on the story of “kaalasootra” by Shaiwal. It won the National Film Aaward for the best feature film in 1984 and in 1985 it won the Filmfare Award for the critics award for the best movie.

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