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Top 10 Bollywood Film Directed by Ram Gopal Varma

2 Sep

Ram Gopal Verma, better known as RGV these days, is one of the director, producer, and scriptwriter present in the Bollywood industry. His movies have always created a buzz in the industry either for being one of the best movies the industry has seen, or for making a movie which fell flat on face and received immense criticism. Well, one might f course say that it is never a smooth run to the top in the life of a filmmaker, and they will most definitely be true, but RGV is one such person who has always been under the limelight for one reason or other and is probably one of the most controversial directors present in the industry.

Without much delving upon which were his worst movies, let us go through a few of his best works which definitely demand appreciation.

Satya – The movie revolves around an orphan named Satya, who comes to Mumbai with many dreams but everything is crushed when he is wrongly accused and jailed. He then joins the underworld through a powerful connection he made during his prison time. A simple yet powerful story of how corruption turns an innocent person into a hardened criminal.

Sarkar – It is probably one of the best movies ever directed by RGV. The prime character is played by Amitabh Bachchan. He rules and runs his own government in Mumbai and no one dares challenge him, and when someone does, his son faces them.

Company – Another film on the underworld, this shows the gangster war raging in Mumbai. A powerful storyline makes this a must watch.

Rangeela – It is a story about a simple girl making it big in the entertainment industry. This movie proved to be a turning point in Urmila Matondkar’s career.

Shiva – The storyline is based on the college politics and the mix of college politics with other dirty politics and violence.

Bollywood Dreams – Again portraying Urmila as an aspiring Bollywood superstar who is caught within a love triangle involving her childhood friend and a Bollywood superstar.

Jungle – A thriller from RGV which was well received by the audience.

Bhoot – One of the most talked about movie by RGV which had the fear element in abundance.

Ek Haseena Thi – Another thriller which one must watch to feel its impact.

Ab Tak Chhappan – One of the best movies on cops ever made. The strong storyline has made this a superhit movie.

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